Academic Programs

Bachelors of Science: Computer Security & Information Assurance

The bachelor of science program in Computer Security & Information Assurance (CSIA) degree is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to apply the latest methods, techniques and tools necessary for securing the public and private sectors’ critical assets and information.

As our reliance on computers increases and technology grows more sophisticated, the need for cyber security experts becomes critical to protect users and keep personal information out of the hands of hackers and safe from cyber threats.  Courses focus on preparing students to work with both technical experts and management to secure the information which is considered essential to the business objectives of an enterprise.

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Bachelors of Science: Computer Science

The bachelor of science program in computer science offers the student a sound foundation in computer science complemented by a broad core of courses in the sciences and liberal arts, a background in mathematics which has sufficient breadth and depth to enable the student to deal with scientific applications as well as the theoretical basis of computer science, and an exposure to computer hardware (microprocessors).

Through electives, the student will have the opportunity to gain background in areas such as business administration and political science where the information processing aspects of computer science are readily applied. Upon completion of this course of study, students (depending on the selection of electives) will be qualified for careers as system analysts, system programmers, or applications programmers in business or industry. In addition, graduates will be prepared to pursue advanced degrees in computer science or related fields.

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Bachelors of Science: Cyber Security (Online completion)

There is no denying the pervasive role that technology plays in our world. With more information being accessed, saved, and shared online than ever before, the vast potential for cyber crime is not only a serious issue for individuals and businesses — it’s an acute and growing national security threat.

Norwich University’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security program is an online degree completion program for working adults in the information technology field who want to further their careers by developing specialized skills in the high-need area of network security. Students can customize their degree by choosing a concentration in computer forensics and vulnerability management or information warfare and security management.

The cyber security curriculum balances general education and core cyber security courses (many of which can be fulfilled through transfer credits) with elective and project-based courses that allow students to delve into sub-areas such as national security policy, offensive and defensive information warfare, penetration testing, and malware forensics. All courses are designed to hone foundational skills in critical thinking, research and analysis, ethical decision-making, and oral and written communications.

Norwich is designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. Students in the program benefit from Norwich’s recognized expertise in cyber security instruction and graduate with highly relevant, in-demand skill sets that reflect current industry trends and best practices.

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Masters of Science: Information Security & Assurance (Online)

Today’s organizations rely on the Internet to conduct business and share information with their employees and customers in real time. With this reliance, however, comes an increased risk for information security breaches and critical business disruption. Now more than ever, organizations are looking to information security professionals who understand the complexity of today’s information technology infrastructures, the effect of technology on business objectives, and the importance of recognizing and managing risk to design and implement their information security and assurance strategies.

Norwich University’s Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance (MSISA) program helps working adults interested in the many aspects of information security to develop the business acumen and management skills needed to pursue leadership positions in information security and assurance. While industry certifications like CISSP and CISM are critical in the field of information security, graduates of the program who hold a technical certification in addition to our degree are armed with the skills they need to help ensure that information assets are understood, valued and protected within the complex business enterprise.

Our rigorous curriculum explores the technical theories and methods behind information assurance, best practices in information security technology, organizational structure and policy development, the regulatory environment and compliance, and management strategies. Key skills fostered throughout the program include written communications, critical analysis, problem solving, project management, and leadership.

During their four core courses, students will conduct a case study using their current workplace or industry, or other relevant organization that they have access to. They will examine current security strategies and identify recommendations for improvement. For their last two courses, students focus their studies on a selected concentration that can include computer forensics and incident response management, critical infrastructure protection & cyber crime, cyber law & international perspectives on cyberspace, project management, or vulnerability management.

Norwich is recognized by the National Security Agency and of Department of Homeland Security as a Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. That excellence is driven in large part by our faculty members, whose vast professional and research experience ensures that students graduate with highly relevant and sought-after skills.

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