Fast Company Magazine Cities Norwich Cyber Programs

Fast Company Magazine Cities Norwich Cyber Programs

Norwich cyber programs are mentioned in the July 2016 issue of Fast Company magazine. In it, reporter Lydia Dishman describes how firms are struggling to find and hire sufficient cybersecurity talent in an era of increasing data thefts, which carry heavy recovery costs and damage corporate reputations.

“We are reaching a new critical shortage in the workforce,” Dishman writes. “In addition to the health care sector’s impending lack of qualified nurses (and enough teachers to educate new ones) industry experts are sounding a similar alarm for cybersecurity experts.”
Widely publicized thefts of consumer and corporate data from Target, JPMorgan Chase, Sony, and other companies highlight the prevalence and scale of illegal data breeches that corporations face.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington, D.C.-based think-tank, recently surveyed cybersecurity workforce shortages in eight countries: Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S.

The center found that hard technical skills were most in demand for cyber work. Among the “top three: … intrusion detection, secure software development, [and] attack mitigation,” the report said.

“These skills were in greater demand than softer skills, such as the ability to collaborate, manage a team, or communicate effectively,” according to the survey authors.
Norwich University offers numerous undergraduate and online graduate degree and certificate programs in cybersecurity.

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