Study Abroad Crucial to Global Business Insight

Study Abroad Crucial to Global Business Insight

By Najiba Benabess
Associate Professor of Economics & Director, School of Business & Management

The School of Business & Management (SBM) is dedicated to providing students with a well-rounded education. One of the ways the SBM ensures the best education possible is through a rich study abroad program. The SBM supports the University’s efforts to encourage students to study abroad. Six SBM students studying overseas during the fall 2014 semester:

  • Computer science major Christopher Dolan studied at Australia’s Bond University in Gold Coast, Queensland.
  • Management major Marcelo Montoya studied in Barcelona, Spain, at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
  • In Italy, the American University of Rome hosted four Norwich management majors: Bryan Blouin, Feliks Abrahamyan, Andrew Pochepan and Chase Bullen.

Bryan Blouin in Interlaken, Switzerland

Through study abroad experience, students learn to think globally and come to understand how the world is interconnected through business. Adding an international component to their business degree will make them even more competitive in today’s multicultural, global business environment.

Blouin, a senior management major with a marketing concentration said, “I am enjoying my semester abroad in Rome! It has been such an eye-opening and amazing experience for which I am so thankful. I have had so many opportunities that I would have never dreamed of otherwise.”


Andrew Pochepan studied at American University in Rome, Italy

Business is a competitive global field. Studying abroad gives students the chance to experience and become familiar with economic and political systems different from those of the United States. Learning about how other economies operate and the role they play in the US economy is highly valuable knowledge to possess.

In addition, students who have study abroad experience on their resumes indicate to potential employers that the applicants are capable of navigating new situations and have more than textbook experience. If you want to get hired, studying abroad is a great way to show employers that you can handle the job.

Top photo: Bryan Blouin in Mont Blanc, France