Student Research Fellows and Philippines Service Trip Topics of Next Event in School of Architecture + Art’s Lecture Series

Student Research Fellows and Philippines Service Trip Topics of Next Event in School of Architecture + Art’s Lecture Series

Norwich University School of Architecture and Art is pleased to announce the next event in its 2016-2017 Lecture Series, a four-part sequence of brief presentations that will expand the depths of exploration and research. Topics range from reusing an Olympic stadium in Athens, Greece, to an exploration of how architect Peter Bohlin connects buildings and landscape, to architecture that promotes healing in London, England, and its environs, to a service trip in the Philippines. A panel by undergraduate architecture majors will share their experiences and knowledge gained as Summer Research Fellows and as a participant in a NU Visions Service Learning Trip. Presentations will begin at 4pm, Friday, September 30, in Chaplin Hall Gallery and are free and open to the public.

Architecture major and sophomore Peter Misner was awarded a Summer Research Fellowship for the summer of 2016. He studied Olympic venues in London, England, and Barcelona, Spain, and then headed to Athens, Greece, researching ways to resolve the issue of abandoned Olympic stadiums that now sit unused and aimed to find a way to utilize them to the community’s advantage. Misner has always been drawn to the aspect of the Olympics because of the unification of nations and their passion for the games. Aware of the issues that related to hosting the games, Peter knew just how they could affect a country that could barely stand on its own. Thus, his research took form and he explored past Olympic stadiums and compared them to the situation in Greece, seeking the plausibility of affordable and reusable Olympic stadiums.

Sophomore architecture major Kevin Svarczkopf was awarded a Summer Research Fellowship to study the architect Peter Bohlin, whose work highlights the importance of the site in an architectural design. Svarczkopf strongly believes architecture should unite with the environment that surrounds it, whether built or natural. He focused his research on the analysis of two buildings Bohlin designed, using natural light, form, building organization, material and viewpoints to create a unity between inside and outside. He also looked at Bohlin’s proposed design for the visitor’s center at the Westcott Foundation, which will be sited between Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House and Norwich University’s Solar Decathlon, to get an understanding of his process for design.

GianCarlo Greco, a junior architecture major, took the second of three NUVA (NU Visions Abroad) service trips to the Philippines. The destination was the village of Kawit, was devastated by the typhoon Yolanda. Students and advisors met with local officials, engineers, and doctors to develop designs for a building to serve as a birthing center and typhoon shelter. Students presented designs to get feedback from the community, and then created construction documents and a budget plan sufficient to commence construction. Since their departure, local craftsman have continued to work on the building.

Senior architecture major Olivia Towne focused her research toward understanding the how architecture can support the healing analyzing health centers and hospitals in and around London, England. She specifically sought out how design decisions contribute to the body, mind and/or spirit, and considered which facilities did this successfully. She wanted to discover how architecture, through means of space, structure, aesthetics and material, could help patients in a hospital or wellness center recover more effectively.

The NU School of Architecture + Art Lecture Series is supported by a generous grant from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation. For more than 10 years, the Byrne Foundation has partnered with Norwich to bring eminent national and international architects, designers, artists, and writers to campus. Events are free and open to the public.

Architecture students are integral to developing the School’s annual lecture series, including hosting lecturers, introducing presenters, and marketing the lectures. Freshman Kenzie DeBruin is today’s guest blogger and Freshman Chiara Lam created the poster.