School of Nursing holds research day

School of Nursing holds research day

This past spring the School of Nursing held a research day in which seniors presented papers and posters on their capstone research.

Capstone Presentations

    School of Nursing Capstone research day assembly

  • Melissa Adams: Preventing Catheter Related Bloodstream Infection in ICU
  • Rebecca Adams: Psychiatric Care in ERs
  • Christine Aye: Bedside Reporting
  • Elizabeth Boynton: Physician Assisted Death
  • AnneMarie Dargan: Barriers to Providing Effective Pediatric Palliative Care
  • Sarah Davis: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
  • Jill Debus: Universal Eye Prophylaxis in Newborns
  • Sara Grabowski

    Sara Grabowski

  • Joanie Emerson: Patients with Diabetes and Insurance Issues
  • Lisa Esparza: Nursing Burnout
  • Mallery Gardner: Impact of Education on Hand Washing Compliance
  • Sara Grabowski: How Long Term Care Contributes to Decline of Independence
  • Samantha Haas: Early Diagnosis of MI in Women Presenting to ED
  • Charisse Hulse: The Effects of Stress on Nursing Students
  • Shanyse Lingham

    Shanyse Lingham

  • Matthew Johnson: Bariatric Surgery As a Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Baylie Lamarre: Fecal Bacterio-Therapy and Recurrent Clostridium difficile
  • Marissa Leone: The Electronic Medical Record and Patient Safety
  • Savannah Lewis: Childhood Obesity
  • Shanyse Lingham: Efficacy of the Integrated Operating Room
  • Kelly Mackres: The Use of Medicinal Marijuana with Cancer Patients
  • Caraline McGrane

    Caraline McGrane

  • Meghan Maurice: Negative Outcomes Associated with Elective Labor Induction
  • Caraline McGrane: Success of ESI Algorithm within Emergent Care
  • Ashley McLaughlin: Nursing Protocol During End of Life Care
  • Miranda Monell: The Nurse’s Role in Hospice
  • Jacqueline Montembeault: Infections in the Homeless
  • Kristina Moore: Impact of Yoga on COPD Patients
  • Chelsea Niemeyer: Incivility in Nursing Education
  • School of Nursing research day assembly

  • Eryn Paker: Clinically Induced Hypothermia for Encephalopathy
  • Kim Ruel: Discharge Planning Safety
  • Gabrielle Stevens: Ventilated Associated Pneumonia
  • Michelle Vance: Heroine Abuse in Pregnancy
  • Tyler Wakeley: An Analysis of Rhabdomylosis
  • Wendy Wegner: Exogenous Surfactants in Newborns
  • Alton Zurlo-Harvey: Preventing Drug Diversion