Google Glass comes to Norwich

Google Glass comes to Norwich

Thanks to the School of Business and Management, Norwich students will begin experimenting with Google Glass, a product released on an invitation-only basis by Google’s research and development division.

Faculty and staff in the Computer Science Program expressed interest in making this cutting-edge technology available to students. Google Glass is intended to provide users with a hands-free experience similar to that of a smartphone through an optical head-mounted display, voice commands, wireless network connectivity, and (with a tethered smartphone) Global Positioning System. This allows the user to interact with and learn about their environment with unprecedented convenience.

Google Glass is still unavailable for purchase by the public, putting Norwich University in a select group of institutions that have access to the product.

Recently, Google released the Glass Developer Kit (GDK), which provides the resources for developers to create applications (“apps”) for Glass hardware. Apps developed by Norwich students will not only be among the first released by students, but among the first in the entire Glass development community.

Ideas for using Google Glass at Norwich include:

  1. An application that provides tour guides with historical information pertaining to points of interest on the Norwich campus. For example, when leading a tour group past the statue of Norwich founder Alden Partridge, the app would display his biography or other relevant information.
  2. An application that allows users to explore historical Vermont architecture by displaying sound and video depending on the user’s location and what they are looking at.
  3. Vermont is home to the 251 Club, which encourages people to visit all 251 towns in the state. A Glass application might provide directions, list office hours for town clerks, provide historical information and maintain a checklist of unvisited towns.

Students and faculty members alike are looking forward to using this tool.