Engineering School preparing for re-accreditation

Engineering School preparing for re-accreditation

The David Crawford School of Engineering (DCSE) is actively preparing the self-study materials that will drive the fall 2014 Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) re-accreditation process. Norwich Engineering has enjoyed continuous ABET accreditation for decades with each of our accredited programs—Civil & Environmental Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. This credential adds immeasurably to the value of the engineering degree earned by each of our graduates. Future employers want graduates of ABET-accredited engineering programs. It is the gold standard!

A six-year process of course and program review, evaluation, improvement and assessment that began after the last on-site evaluation in 2008 is culminating this spring. It will be followed by an intensive period of self-reflection and writing the program self-studies. “The big target on the wall is 1 July 2014,” said Mike Kelley, visiting associate professor of civil engineering and DCSE ABET coordinator. The ABET evaluation team will review the self-studies over the summer and early fall. Their on-site visit is scheduled for November 2 – 4.

“This is a major undertaking involving every faculty and staff member in the school,” said interim DCSE director Greg Wight, a Dana Professor of Civil Engineering. “We are also receiving support and assistance from the College of Sciences and Mathematics and many administrative offices of the university. We are very thankful to all who have supported or will support this important process.”

Pictured are many on the DCSE ABET writing team. Front (l-r):Mike Kelley, Jane Lane, Ed Schmeckpeper, Jeff Mountain and Greg Wight. Back (l-r): Danner Friend, Mike Prairie, and Steve Fitzhugh. Tara Kulkarni was unavailable for the photo.

Thanks to all who will aid us in this undertaking.