Capstone Projects Showcase Scholarship of Nurses in the Class of 2015

Capstone Projects Showcase Scholarship of Nurses in the Class of 2015

By Ann Marchewka, Interim Director, Norwich University School of Nursing

The capstone project is the culmination of the senior graduate’s work in a particular field of interest. Knowledgeable presentation and academic writing on important issues facing patients and nursing in today’s diverse health care setting is a key attribute of the graduate nurse. Students complete a scholarly paper and present their work during Norwich University Research Week in April. Topics include evidence-based nursing practice, research, cultural diversity, ethical and legal challenges, and political action in healthcare. Today’s graduate must be technically knowledgeable; grounded in quality, safe patient care; and competent in disseminating evidence-based work.

The graduating Class of 2015 performed scholarly work around a host of critical topics in healthcare today:

Jamie Maxham,Long Term Health Effects of Low Socioeconomic Status
Jennifer Sarnecky,The Effects Nurse Fatigue
Rebecca Horgan,The Psychological Effects of Third Degree Burns
Kylee Blanchette, Impact of Breastfeeding on Infant Outcomes
Lisa Limanek,Teaching Strategies and Characteristics of Nursing Faculty
Zach Schebell,Nursing Medication Misuse: Effective Reentry into the Workforce
Katie Cook,Caring for Patients with Dementia
Molly Bennett,Evaluating Efficacy of Central Line Bundle on Patient Mortality
Amy DeRego,Nursing Interventions to Reduce Postpartum Depression
Jacqueline Campbell,Preventing Infection in Neonatal ICU
Hilary DeBlois,Evidence for Self-Breast Examination and Patient Education
Melva Estrada,Vascular Access
Response Jessica Campion,Effective Nurse Decision Making: Activation of Rapid
Erica Harper,The Effect of Noise in NICU
Meredith Hinz,The Nursing Role in the Detection and Management of Sepsis
Morgan Lamorey,Breastfeeding and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Kelsey Mancini,Pharmacological vs. Non-Pharmacological Management of Postpartum Depression
Thomas McKinnon,Prevention CAUTI ICU
Sara Metayer,Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Nicole Ofstad,Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Kayla Parsons,Use of Medical Grade Honey in Chronic Wound Therapy
Melissa Porter,HIV Treatment and Nursing Attitudes
Victoria Radicioni,The Efficacy of VBAC following a C-Section
Allison Mascola,Childhood Vaccinations
Kelly Marckres,Role of the School Nurse and Preventable Diseases
Nichole Roux,Neonatal Care for Opioid Dependent Babies
Hope Royce,Improving/Implementing Clinical Guidelines for Infants with Neonatal Abstinence

Phillip Stolz,Public Perception of Nursing: Making Positive Impacts
Danielle Storti,HIV and Pregnant Women
Kathryn Tickell,Patient Falls and Intervention Effectiveness
Tacia Trussel,Treatment Options for PTSD
Michelle Weaver,Effective and Accurate Nursing Triage in the Emergency Room
Elizabeth Weber,The Benefits of Humor and Laughter as a Nursing Intervention
Ann-Marie White,Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Acute Care Patients

This year’s capstone projects reflect strong integration of theory, patient care competencies, and practice-based research. Our faculty are especially proud of these graduates and the depth to which they pursued their studies and grappled with poignant health-related topics. Students’ evidence-based research advocating for innovative approaches to clinical nursing practice challenges was marvelous. Many of our graduates produced publication-quality papers that we hope our professional journals will consider.