Educational Objectives

Mechanical Engineering


Prepare students to excel in mechanical engineering and related fields.
Provide modern, fundamental, practice-oriented education in the mechanical engineering field.
Foster creativity and critical thinking in problem solving, and motivate students to consider the societal consequences of their work.
Enable students to be leaders in their profession, community and the nation.

Educational Objectives

Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering program will:
Have a strong foundation and ability to apply engineering fundamentals, modern tools, mathematics, science and humanities to conceive, analyze and implement solutions to problems in the mechanical engineering field.
Have a broad-based, laboratory-oriented, hands-on engineering education that will enable graduates to practice in a variety of mechanical engineering fields including energy conversion and transfer, materials and manufacturing, and mechanical systems design.
Be able to work as professionals in industrial, military, government and academic settings while maintaining a high awareness and responsibility regarding ethical, safety, environmental, social, economic and global issues.
Be able to work effectively as a team member and be able to lead a multidisciplinary team.
Be able to design a component, system or process in the mechanical engineering field and communicate that design effectively through verbal and written means.
Have a positive outlook on the engineering profession and maintain an ongoing intellectual curiosity while actively engaged in continuing education throughout life.

ME Student Outcomes

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