Educational Objectives

Electrical & Computer Engineering


  • Prepare students for a profession in the electrical and computer engineering field.
  • Enable students to solve problems of substance through the application of fundamental principles, disciplined practices and modern methods.
  • Instill humility that will allow students to contribute to ventures larger than themselves, and the courage to lead others in the pursuit of such ventures.
  • Inspire an ethic of service to all mankind in the context of a global community.
  • Instill a lifelong thirst for the knowledge of their craft.

Educational Objectives

Graduates of the Electrical and Computer Engineering program will:

  • Contribute to the engineering profession through the application of the requisite knowledge of engineering fundamentals, mathematics, science and modern tools to conceive and implement solutions for problems in the electrical and computer engineering field.
  • Effectively communicate the results of their work.
  • Work professionally in team environments to design electrical and computer systems.
  • Maintain a positive outlook on professional life, and recognize the need for professionals and citizens in an evolving global society to pursue a course of lifelong learning and continued professional development.
  • Demonstrate initiative and perform leadership roles in an ethical manner.
  • Perceive the impact of their professional decisions on society.

ECE Student Outcomes

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