GenCyber Schedule of Events

72214-Gen-Cyber-logo_PP-14-0624Sunday, July 23

Registration Day. Students will arrive on campus and be assigned dorm rooms

Monday, July 24

Students will meet for orientation in the “War Room” in Kreitzberg Library. During orientation, students will interact with the virtual environment set up in the “War Room”, learn what makes up a computer in the build-a-PC session and be taught how to install a Linux-based operating system.

Tuesday, July 25

Students attend classes on the importance of being security conscious online. After lectures, the rest of the day will have practical, hands-on exercises capturing and analyzing network traffic from devices.

Wednesday, July 26

Weather-permitting, students will spend time outdoors in Norwich’s first ever Cyber Treasure Hunt, helping to protect Norwich University systems by finding the rogue hotspots. Students will forensically analyze the hotspots (Rasberry Pi computers) back in the “War Room” and install a new operating system on them. Did we mention the students get to keep a Rasberry Pi?

Thursday, July 27

Students will use their Rasberry Pi computers to connect to the Centre for Digital Forensics and perform a number of ethical hacking exercises to find flaws on a system. Then, students will take apart real malware and deduce what it is trying to do to a compromised computer.

Friday, July 28

Final lab competitive exercise. A forensic analysis of some surprising devices as a challenge will bring together everything the students have learned.

Saturday July 29

Pack, prepare Rasberry Pi computers for transport, and return home.

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