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Norwich faculty are known for taking a direct interest in their students’ educational, professional, and personal lives. As educators, we work hard to challenge your minds and provide you with the tools you will need to expand your thinking and communication skills so that you will be successful in your personal and professional life.

We know you personally. As advisors, we get to know our students very well, many times becoming life-long friends with them. We connect with you.

You are not one of three hundred students learning from a disinterested graduate student. You are learning from primarily PhDs in small classes that average about 15 students.

You are learning directly from experts. Most are PhDs. Those who are not have terminal degrees or professional certifications in their field.

We were all are hired because we care about students, take enormous pride in being great classroom teachers, and enjoy every minute of what we do.


Najiba Benabess, PhD

  • Director

Col. Stephen Pomeroy

  • Associate Director, Lecturer
  • Specialization: Leadership Concentration

Judy Wright

  • Administrative Assistant


Tom Yandow, MAcc, MBA, CPA

  • Associate Professor, Accounting
  • Specialization: financial accounting,
    construction accounting, external auditing

Educational background

  • MAcc, Golden Gate University
  • MBA, Lincoln University of the USA
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Computer Sciences & Information Assurance

Matthew Bovee, PhD

  • Lecturer, Management
  • Specialization: management information systems

Jeremy Hansen, PhD, CISSP

Educational background

  • PhD, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • MS, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • BS, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Michel Kabay, PhD, CISSP, ISSMP

  • Professor, Computer Sciences &
    Information Assurance
  • Specialization: computer security
  • mkabay@norwich.edu
  • 802.479.7937
  • Dewey Hall, Room 209
  • Linkedin

Peter Stephenson, PhD, CISSP, CISM, FICAF

  • Specialization: information assurance, digital investigation and forensics, network security
  • pstephen@norwich.edu
  • 802.485.2007
  • Dewey Hall, Room 205
  • Linkedin

Educational background

  • PhD, Oxford Brookes University
  • MA, Norwich University

Management / Finance / Economics

Mehdi Mohaghegh, PhD

  • Professor, Economics & Finance
  • Specialization: economics, financial management
  • mmohaghe@norwich.edu
  • 802.485.2224
  • Dewey Hall, Room 207

Educational background

  • PhD, Clark University
  • MA, Clark University
  • MA, University of Teheran

Najiba Benabess, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Economics
  • Specialization: economics
  • nbenabes@norwich.edu
  • 802.485.2223
  • Dewey Hall, Room 104

Educational background

  • PhD, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • MA, Western Illinois University

David Blythe

  • Associate Professor, Management
  • Specialization: business and transactional law, environmental law, labor law
  • dblythe@norwich.edu
  • 802.485.2220
  • Dewey Hall, Room 204

Educational background

  • JD, Vermont Law School
  • BS, Rutgers University

Col. Stephen Pomeroy

  • Lecturer, Management
  • Specialization: computer information systems

D. William Jolley, PhD

  • Associate Professor
  • Specialization: marketing
  • wjolley@norwich.edu
  • 802.485.2517
  • Dewey Hall, Room 102

Educational background

  • PhD, University of Western Australia
  • MBA, University of Florida
  • BSBA, University of Florida

Construction Engineering Management

Michael S. Puddicombe, DBA

  • Professor, Management
  • Specialization: Construction Management, Management Accounting

Educational background

  • DBA, Boston University
  • MBA, University of Rhode Island
  • BA, Boston University

John E. Patterson, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Engineering Management
  • Specialization: Construction Management, Mechanical & Electrical Construction

Educational background

  • PhD, Heriot-Watt University
  • MS, Clemson University
  • BS, Clemson University

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