Computer Crime and Forensics minor

A minor degree in Computer Crime and Forensics is available to students interested in law-enforcement issues related to technology. This minor is geared primarily toward Criminal Justice majors.

The degree requires completion of six required classes. Students who pursue this course of study are required to complete two Criminal Justice classes and an Introduction to Computing course beforehand.

Minor Prerequisites:

  • CJ101 Intro. to Criminal Justice
  • CJ102 Substantive Criminal Law
  • IS130 Intro. to Computing

Minor: Students must complete the following courses with a grade of “C” or better.

  • CJ301 Criminal Procedure
  • IS131 Computer Programming
  • IS228 Intro. to Data Structures
  • IS340 Information Systems Security Assurance
  • CJ341 Cyber Crime
  • CJ442 Intro. to Computer Forensics

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