Sample Curriculum

This curriculum map is representative of the course of study for this program. For updated information, download the current University Catalog.

BS Accounting

First Year
Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
MG101 Intro to Business*** 3 EC106 World Economy*** 3
IS120 Business Applications 3 EN112 Public Speaking 3
EN101 Comp & Lit I 3 EN102 Comp & Lit II 3
MA107 Pre Calculus** 4 MA108 Calculus 4
Lab Science 4
Total credits 13 17
Second Year
Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
EC202 Micro Economics* 3 EC201 Macro Economics* 3
Lab Science 4 MG309 Management of Organizations 3
AC205 Accounting I 4 QM213 Business Statistics 3
History Elective 3 AC206 Accounting II* 4
MA212 Finite Math 3 EN204 Prof Writing 4
Total credits 17 16
Third Year
Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
AC335 Inter Accounting I 3 EC310 Money and Banking 3
MG310 Operations 3 AC336 Inter Accounting II 3
IS300 Mgt Info Sys 3 AC441 Cost Accounting / AC419 3
MG314 Marketing 3 Humanities Elective 4
FN311 Finance 3 PH322 Business Ethics 4
Total credits 15 15
Fourth Year
Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
AC442 Advanced Accounting 4 AC428 Auditing 3
MG341 Business Law I 3 MG346 Business Law II 3
Literature Elective 3 MG449 Adm Policy 3
Elective 3 AC419 Taxation / AC441 3
MG319 International Business 3 Elective 3
Total credits 15 15

* AC 205, AC 206, EC 201, EC 202 Require a grade of C or better

** MA 107 must be completed prior to the Fall of Sophomore Year. Failure to do so will lead to a lengthening of the time to complete the program. If MA 103 is required by Placement Test results, a grade of C or better is required in MA 103 prior to taking MA 107. If required MA 103 will be counted as one of the “Free” Electives.

*** Must be taken first year. Upper level students without credit for these courses will substitute School electives. This must be done via a petition

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