Galligan-Baldwin Work



Jason Galligan-Baldwin,  Assistant Professor

My work is based on childhood stories. Some are true, some imaginative and influenced by materials of my youth, including progress reports, childhood books, school assignments, random doodles or drawings. Things most people threw away; I kept. It is a timeline full of failures, successes, and an apparent obsession to drawing houses, skateboarders, strange women, and astronauts. I am interested in how these items, however mundane, have influenced my personality. Arrows give directions; text, random antennae, and voice bubbles carry signals and clues for the viewer to migrate from panel to panel, from image to image, giving hints to past experiences while producing new ones to be regarded. Each painting portrays a moment in time suspended separately from my past and present self; rather it exists in a state of ambiguity. This allows the paintings to take whatever shape, form, or childlike narrative they choose.

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