D’Aponte Work

Eleanor D’Aponte, Assistant Professor

The Schulz House, Waitsfield, Vermont Studio Neva and Arrodesign 2009

The utilitarian beauty of Andrea Palladio’s agricultural villas in the Italian Veneto inspired the design of the Schulz House. The house has a contemporary aesthetic but also complements its agrarian Vermont setting. Cast-in-place, reinforced, fabric formed concrete was used for both aesthetic and energy efficiency reasons. The primary exterior walls, columns, elevated beams and slabs, were cast-in-place using geotextile fabric as the primary formwork. The thermal and durable qualities of the concrete envelope provide a significant barrier to the variable Vermont climate and the natural lime-wash finish offers additional protection from insects and mildew. The concrete mass is balanced by large, high efficiency, glass openings to the south and east located for passive solar gain. The formal quality of the masonry exterior is complemented on the interior by the undulating painted concrete surfaces and warm natural wood casework.

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