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Aaron Cayer is currently a Ph.D. student in Architecture, as well as a Senior Research Associate at cityLAB—an urban think tank within UCLA’s Department of Architecture and Urban Design concerned with contemporary urban issues, urban design, and the architecture of the city. Aaron holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in architecture from Norwich University in Vermont. He has served on the Board of Directors for the AIA of Vermont, has continued to practice architecture in a variety of settings across the globe, and has presented urban and architectural research to a broad range of academic audiences. He has been more recently involved in an international effort to formulate a new discipline—the Urban Humanities—that aims to bridge the study of urbanism with design and humanities. His current research interests and collaborations address themes that work to leverage a theoretical foundation of a ‘sociology of architecture,’ with a particular focus on the relationships between architectural practice and academia, knowledge production, concept formation, design pedagogy, modernization, and global networks.

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