It is our passion to make things.

At Norwich University School of Architecture + Art, our students and our faculty use their hands. They learn to draw, build intricate models, use digital media,  and to operate power tools. Reflection is half of the learning process, and creativity goes hand-in-hand with discipline and the sharing of experience.

As part of the oldest private military college in the country, we offer a five-year Master of Architecture program and two art minors. All are designed for practical people who want to immerse themselves in an experiential academic lifestyle. The School of Architecture + Art is challenging, fun and dedicated to producing architects who will serve the needs of people.

While creativity is very important to good design, great work cannot be realized without the skills and understanding to draw, compose, convince and construct. There are many reasons why this is an exceptional school and among the best design programs in the country. Foremost of these is the ability of our graduates to effectively realize their ideas and design aspirations as a synthesis of the technical and the poetic. We hear back from many of the architects who employ our students and they praise their ability to both think and act creatively, to hit the ground running.
Photo of Aron Temkin
Aron Temkin, AIA
Dean of the College of Professional Schools
Professor of Architecture

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